Jogjakarta = Jogja

Actually, I have been to Jogja many times but I never get bored to come back again again and again.  To me, there are always new things that attractive to see and even  the old things are still excited  to explore. So, this is me….back  to Jogja  (again).

August 17th is Indonesia’s Independence Day, and this year is 70th  years of our independence.  Me and my friends (Linda and Yeni)  spent our time  along with this holiday. Linda and Yeni are sisters. First,   they went  to Solo (about 55km  from Jogja).  Yeni , who works for a publisher in Jakarta had something to do, while Linda -work as a housing marketing also in Jakarta –  is on her day off for few days.They left by train to Solo on August 14 morning, while I headed for Jogja on Sunday August 16 with assumption that I would meet them in Solo. From Jogja  I would take the local train from Lempuyangan Railway Station to Solo Balapan Railway Station.

So,  on  August 16 , promptly at 6:45 am, the train which I was riding ‘Gajah Wong’  left Pasar Senen Railway Station in the central  part of  Jakarta.  Clear weather , warm sun , yellow rays stroke  the window next to me. Well …. hopefully I would be able  to bear the the hot sun on my face  this morning …

Unfortunately , I  did not think to take a picture of bench position on  the train.But I will  draw you as simple as I can… I sat on a bench next to window and the bench beside me was  empty until the train transit in Cirebon ( about 219km from Jakarta ).  With a man and a  woman sat opposite me, I was bound in a conversation and even more familiar after in Cirebon when another passenger -a man- came up and sat next to me. Pleasant conversation… nice time to spent on train.

The listed route on my ticket  was  Pasar Senen – Lempuyangan , but I decided to get off in Tugu Station because by phone Linda said that they’re  already in Jogja. And finally at 14.45… Gajah Wong arrived  in Tugu. So crowded with many people,… this because  it was a long weekend and the city is one of the famous destination in Indonesia.

Linda has been waited outside Tugu Station (while Yeni was already at the  hotel)   and we immediately boarded a rickshaw  to @Hom Platinum Hotel in Jalan Gowongan Kidul (Jalan=Street). We had to pay 25 thousand rupiahs for 10 minutes trip because the driver had to paddle slowly and he had to take another street to reach Jalan Gowongan Kidul. Anyway… we really enjoyed it. Oh yes … I know Linda since 20 years ago. . We worked for Aqua Group, the largest drinking water company in Indonesia. Yenny, Linda’s sister also know me well … we’ve been on vacation together few times.

@HOM Platinum Hotel

We rent a room on 6th floor with a not bad view which we could see few high buildings at a distance. After took a bath we talked many things with ‘chit’  here and ‘chat’ there. Then we agreed to spend the night around Malioboro. Finally after Linda and Yenny had  the evening prayers (=sholat maghrib) , we rushed out and walked down the street. As we passed hotel parking area , we turned right and walked along Gowongan, and at the end of this ,we turned right again . Still walked about 50 meters, we passed the gate of Tugu Station and we overstepped the rail line that stretches on the highway. So, you could imagine how close the hotel with Tugu Station. And in fact after 20 meters we overstepped the rail line we could see  a signpost of Malioboro.


If you come to Jogja please  don’t forget to pay a brief visit to Malioboro. You could come day or night but I suggest you to come both day and night to feel the different  atmosphere. Malioboro is a tourism icon of Jogjakarta , the heart of Jogja , and a must see place if you come to Jogja. It’s a must…glad to say that.

With a length of  1,5 km , many hotels, shopping areas even office buildings  along this street. Various goods are sold throughout Malioboro.  Batik in many forms , bags, sandals, handicrafts  to various foods.


malioboro at night


After walked slowly among so many people on Malioboro…. we decided to buy ‘wedang ronde’ which sold by street hawker. Wedang ronde is a  traditional beverage made from hot ginger water , and some kind of glutinous rice flour  dough in round shape with sweet chopped peanut inside. It’s not just that glutinous dough but also small  square -shaped pieces of bread. This beverage is perfect to drink in cool weather or in the cold of the night. Sure.. it makes my body feel warm.


We returned to the hotel at about  11 pm … still walked on foot … still talked a lot of things.

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