A Brief Visit To Pare , Kediri

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After  13 hours journey from Jakarta  by  Krakatau Train , I arrived in Kediri – East Java Province –one  cold  morning in the early November 2015.  Time was 02.55 and the sky was still dark. Frankly, I was so so sleepy but it’s not the end of  the journey.  I was just arrived in Kediri while my destination was Pare , a small town  in the northeast of Kediri.

I got off the train and  realised I brought many things : 1 handbag, 1 backpack and another 2 little bags….sure they made me overwhelmed.  I didn’t  know someone  ran over me and   asked  if I needed a porter. Oh…praise the Lord…there were some porters on duty that early morning. That man yelled out and another man ,an old man,  came toward us and quickly pickep up my ‘treasure’. The backpack was still on back…I prefered to  bring it myself. He walked slowly  and I just followed him since it was  my first time to set foot in Kediri Railway Station.

As we arrived in the parking lot , he led me to a small food stall , put all my luggage down  and asked if I  was waiting for someone to pick me up.  He said all that words in Javanese and I was fairly understood. I  nodded and said , in bahasa Indonesia ,  that my brother would pick me up.  He  ensured me  to wait there   for the place was safe.  I thanked him and gave 15000IDR  as the porter fee.  As he nodded he thank me again in Javanese . Indonesian hospitality. I am proud…

As I said before , Pare is located about 25km northeast of Kediri or 120km southwest of Surabaya – the capital of East Java Province.  Around 1953 – 1954 ,  Clifford Geertz  – US anthropology –   stayed in Pare to research for his book ‘The Religion Of Java’. In that  famous book he disguised the name of Pare to Mojokuto. Nowadays ,  Pare known all over Indonesia for its Kampung Inggris ( English Village ) in the district of Tulungrejo. This is the only place in Indonesia where you can find hundreds of  English educational institutions.  Anyone can study English according  to their purpose and ability. Since most of the institutions facilitate their students with a complete accomodation therefore many people  from out of town even all over Indonesia come  to Pare to learn how to speak and write English properly.  Sounds good…

While  sitting in silence , I looked at the dark blue sky  which  was sparkling with its  shining stars. Well, dark blue sky , shining stars , cold weather ,  the serenity …. I love  that  quiet  beauty of morning.

images (4)

Another picture of Simpang Lima Gumul Monument


About  30  minutes later, my brother  arrived and we drove to Pare. We stopped at Simpang Lima Gumul Monument  which almost  has  similar shape with Arc de Triomphe Monument in Paris , France. I took some  pictures there   but rather blurry… sorry to say that.   It took  about 40  minutes to drive from Kediri to Pare.  The highway gave  a view of countryside,  sugar plantations , rural houses , government and private  offices , mosques , churches , schools even  public health facilities.

And finally I see the dawn by the time we reached Pare district.The sun has come out.  So beauty…


Morning glory…

Then… we arrived at home. Safely. Thank God. Since more than 10 years ago I had several  times visited  this small  town .  My only brother lives in Pare with his wife and their 4 funny , smart  children. So… this is me. Back to Pare. Again.

Have you ever been to East Java , Indonesia ?


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