The Temple on a Clifftop

What makes people amazed that the temple is
perched on a steep cliff about 70 meters over      
the roaring Indian Ocean waves.

That day, we were heading to  Bukit Peninsula or Peninsula Hill , a place known as the southernmost point of Bali Island. Mr Nyoman, our guide, who was driving carefully passed Jimbaran countryside convinced us that the weather was fine with its blue sky so we had to enjoy our time. My friends (Sinta, Grace , Esra)   and I were on our way to Uluwatu Temple in Pecatu Village, District of Badung,Bali.

The history stated that Uluwatu Temple was built by Empu Kuturan  in 11th  century and is one of six key temples that believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars. The Balinese Hindus believe that the three divine  powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva become one here. It  was amazing   that through many centuries the  sacred temple still perched on top of a steep cliff about 70 meters over the roaring Indian ocean.


Actually, I have been to this temple three times before, the first one was with my high school friends more than twenty years ago; while the second and the third were with my family a few years ago. Frankly,  I never get tired of coming back here…

While we were walking from the parking lot,  we were passing   ‘Alas Kuturan”  a small forest  dwelt by  hundreds of monkeys  which are believed  to guard the temple from evil and bad  influences.  We were trying to get closer but the three of us too scared. Except Sinta.  She was trying  to touch one of them…

As many of you know, when visiting temples in Bali (as well as another temples in Indonesia) we should dress as modestly as possible.  Sarongs are provided to cover our legs and or a temple scarf to be tied up to our waists. Esra and I got  sarongs  while Sinta and Grace  got the scarfs temple. Why? Because Sinta was wearing batik dress;  Grace was wearing denim trousers while both Esra and I were wearing shorts.  Yes, Esra and I had to cover our lower body.

When  we’re getting closer to the temple, the wind was  blowing  more stronger,  but the atmosphere is getting calm and quiet although there were quite a lot of visitors. We were still walking and then….there we were – facing the roaring ocean…


#blue #ocean #sky #green #rock

We were looking at the blue Indian Ocean over the separated walls, while on our right was that greenish coral cliff stands defiant against the blue sea. The wall stretches along the cliff to protect  people who walk  to the end of the reef that overhanging to the sea. Unfortunately, we were deciding  not to walk to the end of that peninsula for the weather was so hot and the sun had been beating down on us since morning  when we were visiting Tanjung Benoa and Pandawa beach.

We were taking pictures here and there,  many styles according to each other’s best angles. In the middle of that session we were overwhelming   by our hair, and  the sarongs which  have been flown by the wind. All of us were smiling  so as not to disturb  the silence of the atmosphere.

  • 100 Grace and Esra



Over the roaring ocean


Esra with her smile


Sinta and her new fans

By the time to leave the temple , some monkeys were following us. Sinta was asking  me to take her picture with those monkeys. I was telling  Sinta about precautionary signs  that warn visitors of the monkeys grabbing few items such as   bags , cameras or  sunglasses. Only then, when I took her picture those monkeys  were trying to get closer to Sinta and grab  her batik  dress….And Sinta rather hassles  either to  hold  tight her bag,  or  her hat or even her dress.. That was the funniest moment that day.

In fact, each of us have been to this temple few times with different people for  different occasions. Somehow  we were agreeing that although the atmosphere of each visit was different but those memorable visits were worth to be remembered.


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